New Illustration! – Cartoon House Character Mascot

Cartoon House Mascot Character

Here we have a very happy cartoon house cartoon character standing facing the right. He has one hand on his right hip and his left arm is up and outstretched with an open hand, as if he is presenting something or directing your attention.

The house siding is white and the roof is read with a deep maroon chimney. His arms and legs are light blue and his hands are covered in white gloves.  This house character would make a great mascot of anyone selling or renting a home or would be great for a Real Estate agency that could use a cute little character to draw attention to their listings and/or special events, like open houses or home showings.

He could also make a great website mascot for blogs that cover a variation of housing topics such as, mortgages, refinancing, home loans, foreclosures, home improvement, interest rates, buying, selling, or renting homes.

I will be creating a full character pack of this house character in several different poses and holding different signs and props, so if you like this little guy, stay tuned and subscribe to this blog so you will be notified when it is released. Thanks for reading and enjoy!