A Little StoryLand Princess Illustration

Illustration of a little princess making the case for a trip to Storyland

Here’s my illustration for June’s Last Laugh article for NH Magazine… Article’s title: “Operation Family Fun!”  Here’s a small excerpt from the article which led to the illustration…

Story Land, located in scenic Glen, NH (a place so remote the official directions on the website say not to trust or even consult your GPS when driving there), is like Disney Land’s baby cousin, everything is just smaller. (One princess instead of 10, one castle instead of five and the hamburgers are only eight dollars, not 15.)  

Its allure was not lost on my 4-year-old daughter, who upon picking up and pouring over a brochure for this exotic destination declared that “we must go here.”  

You don’t mess with a 4-year-old princess fanatic who uses Old English words like “must.”  

She brought out the brochure every morning at breakfast (complete with a highlighted plan of attack on the map portion of the pamphlet) and put on a PR campaign worthy of the television show “Mad Men.” (I had to ask myself where the easel and slide projector had come from.)