A Pregnant Cartoon…

An oldie but goodie from the cartoon archive. I remember when made this pregnancy cartoon back when the (wonderful) wife was 9 months pregnant for our second child, ah… good times.

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If you’re a (supportive) husband like myself going through a similar experience as the cartoon above depicts, don’t worry and rest assured that this will all be a distant memory someday. Especially after the divorce is finalized and you live in another state. Okay, that’s not funny.

Pregnancy Cartoon Caption: “Yeah Doc, I think my wife is ready to have the baby, her contradictions are only 30 seconds apart now.”

24 Replies to “A Pregnant Cartoon…”

  1. awesome seeing you coming back to your good old blog :) keep it out :) whats with the iftheshoefitz newsletter?

  2. Oh my goodness that is just too funny. The sad thing is that my mother had that really happen to her when I was born back in 1976. She was home alone and my dad had left for work when all of a sudden she started having labor pains. She drove to her mother inlaws house in full blown labor with her pains about 1 minute apart. That cartoon is funny and true.
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  3. I guess if that is the only thing that counts we would very soon have a lot more problems with overpopulation ;-)
    But thank good a real pregnancy is still needed, too…

  4. very funny and the thing is that she would be in a lot of pain but overall the lady needs to be screaming her haed off

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