Cartoon Caption Contest – Caption This Sketch & WIN!

cartoon caption contestThis week’s Illustration Friday topic is “wrinkles“, so I thought I’d post a sketch of an upcoming cartoon I have in the queue.

I already have a gag in mind for this but it definitely could be better, so post your idea in the comments area below! The winner will get the original sketch signed by yours truly!

So you know… my sketches are in pretty high demand these days… you could easily turn around and sell this for $1.50 on ebay. Easy money kids!


53 Replies to “Cartoon Caption Contest – Caption This Sketch & WIN!”

  1. “Arthur, you’ve got to take better care of yourself. You’re only 25!”

  2. Hey! These are great gang! Thanks for participating!

    @Connie Martin: HeeHee – makes me think I should have put a fire-extinguisher in the her hands.

    @DuckAmuck: Your submission is *eerily* close to my original gag!

    @Diana Evans: You are officially in last place :)

    @willie: Good one! If only you added a third question mark… You’d be surprised at the difference that would’ve made :)

    Keep ’em coming!

  3. How about this? “I said I gave you a LAXATIVE for your chronic diarrhea, not a GIN AND TONIC!”

  4. Hi Brad

    Really love a good cartoon and this is really good! She is saying to him:
    “I really do look better after a few drinks, don’t I?”

  5. “That’s not whiskey it’s Gasahol.”
    “Is that a cigarette or a fuse?”
    “Now I’m sorry I cleaned my glasses.”
    “You’d better drink faster you look dehydrated.”

  6. “You can drink all you want, Harold. I’ll still look like this when you’re sober.”

  7. “I had no idea they gave the door-greeters so much liberty..”

  8. “Morris if this is your idea of bringing sexy back, it’s not working!”

  9. My Caption: “I asked you to PUT A TIE ON, not TIE ONE ON! But I see you took the initiative and did both! Nice job moron!”

  10. How about:
    “Are you done with that glass? I use it to soak my dentures.”

  11. I dont know what is going to kill me first…
    the booze
    the cigarettes
    or her stories!

  12. Oh no Dad!
    The w-h-i-t-e tube is the toothpaste
    And the s-i-l-v-e-r tube is my face cream

  13. Half full or half empty…
    Very funny dad!
    If you don’t stop talking with that thermometer in your mouth
    I will have to put it somewhere else.

  14. “Don’t lie to me that is not your first drink, it’s your alzheimers”
    “…new fanthy dwinks jus tase like tha ole ones…”

  15. “Why did you come home early” “Well your picture started looking beautiful to me”

  16. ‘Every line may tell a story Stan, but im getting bored of hearing the same one’.

  17. “When I said this was a relaxed work place, I didn’t mean it this way!”

  18. my friend:lol thats hi-larus he must only eat food in a blender and bathe with spongebob in a retyre ment home lolz

    Me: he must of been old because that is just hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i think that he or she no comment, reslly doesnt deserve it because if the people say happy birthday any minute he could be like than…. then have a stroke or heart attack thank you come again

  19. that was a great picture! i am a great fan of drawing i drew a drawing that might impress you! thanks for the enjoyment! keep drawin’ from ace$20

  20. well a lot goes through my mind when i see that picture, like it looks as if the man was asking for change or they were just there becuase well you drew them

  21. How about: “Harold you know better than to smoke and drink, oh and look at you your getting crows feet.”

  22. My Caption “Sorry That Tonic Makes You Old Not Young Sir. like thats possible”

  23. He says: Yeah I’m drunk but I’ll be sober in the morning. You’ll still be ugly!

  24. “You look handsome James…. can i leave early today”

  25. “Harold keep smoke’n and you won’t live to see 100!”

  26. These comments are hilarious. Good job auto gossep. Thats creative. Looks just like it. Funny stuff!!!HA, HA, HEE, HEE. Keep it up.

  27. Love trying to come up with captions its fun. Thanks for outlet.

    1. “ay mishugana!! honey how many times do i need 2 tell u… STOP SMOKIN MY CIGARETTS!!!

  28. Sarah Palin to John McCain…”I think we both look better on tv.”

  29. girl:haven’t you seen all those adds on tv,yet you still smoke.
    girl:then why do you still smoke.
    man:my mum always said don’t judge until you have been in there shoes.
    girl:oh,is that why your shoes are 5feet long.

  30. My caption: old man- How nice of you Audrey to bring your two twin sisters with you and you all are so pretty! woman- What, grandpa I don’t have two twin, oh boy, grandpa maybe you have drank enough of that bubbly water for this evening.

  31. my caption: woman- gramps i think that u should- Gramps: what huh?… theres two of you!

  32. -hun,..I don’t think a hair transplant will make a difference.

    -its not that the blue pills aren’t workin’…

  33. my dad recently had a hair transplant. the results were great but the cost is very high-‘-

  34. You pour it in the shotglass so well,..but you completely miss the toilet? ..Ijust dont get it.

  35. “Will you get back in the cockpit! ”

    “The passengers are starting to talk!”

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