43 Replies to “Obama Would Give You The Shirt Off His Back”

  1. If you want the shirt of Obama’s back, get ready for a surprise! He will raise your taxes to buy a more expensive shirt for himself!

    No thank you, I’d rather be FREE and buy my own shirt!!!

    1. Sounds like you have went shopping with him. What he bought shirts you didn’t like or didn’t buy one for you. That’s why you said you would buy your own. Trying to do the cover up from him saying “get a job” I don’t care for either candidate but we don’t acturally know either of there shopping habits. Maybe you do. Cheap comments seem to make any shirt expensive with that comment.

  2. I wouldn’t vote for Obama because of his fiscal irresponsiblity of thinking that we have the money to fight a war, continue with our special interests (medicare/social security/welfare for future generations) and STILL HAVE ENOUGH TO PAY FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE HEALTH CARE?!? Wake up and invest 5 minutes into looking at Ron Paul’s economic plan. It’s GENIUS!


    1. This is somewhat a pathetic comment. Oh don’t pay for freedom but make sure someone else pays my healthare, and leave some social security. Welfare? Wellfare is used for the well not being fare to give it to people a shorti time while having them be accountable to get a job. We do not need to teach future generations to live off soical security and welfare. If noticed the uneducated is usually the one on wellfare needing healthcare more than the educated who will learn to properly care for themselves, eat health, work productive and need less healthcare. Come on people. We are at war to hold freedom not for freedom to take things free.

  3. The funny thing about Republicans is that they’ve never been poor… So let’s stop spending money on a ridiculous war and start spending it on something important – like health care. I still wouldn’t be able to afford my health care costs right now based on Ron Paul’s plan, and would still be excluded from coverage based on pre-existing condition clauses. Interesting how some of you are so afraid of what you could lose. The thing is, I think even you would be better off, you’re just too afraid to try it.

    1. People’s freedom is rediculous isn’t it.

      What happened to wanting freedom over anything else? What you’re saying is that you would rather trade off your freedom (not to mention freedom in Iraq) for a little thing such as universal health care? Eventually your freedom of speech, your right to vote, and other rights we take for granted will all be lost, and you know what? Since you traded off all of your freedom, you won’t be able to speak out when they take away your healthcare!

      P.S. I’m a republican, but I am by no means rich.

    2. Oviously you are afraid of losing healthcare. A Republicans looks ahead, plans for higher education, higher achievement and heck yes, with all the work of planning, education and hard work we do to achieve this thinking, we don’t want to lose what we have achieved. Maybe with this type of thinking, heathcare may not be what your afraid of losing. Get a new career and quit being worried about someone not giving something to someone for free. If you have pre-existing condition you have enough knowledge to get to this fourm. Use the knowledge and make more income on the net. Healthcare may not be a problem then.

      1. wasnt it a republican that decided the resolution to our overpopulation if prision was to create new prisons by cutting all state agencies by 10%? that include Child Welfare service, The K-12 educational system and all State and Community Colleges, how the hell can you generalize and say…”A Republicans looks ahead, plans for higher education, higher achievement and heck yes, with all the work of planning, education and hard work we do to achieve this thinking. The foolish governater just made hundreds of educators loose jobs, forced the educational systems to cut programs that helped out people get into colleges, and barring many students from being allowed to go to college (because the less students can be let in) disabled a lot of the support programs that assist students in impoverished areas to stay in school. education is one of the biggest deterrences to criminal behavior, when people are able to get jobs and support themselves they don’t need to do crime.

  4. In response to the comment by “jenni” on March 8th:
    I do not think it would be wise to say that Republicans never evperienced poverty. My father was born in an impoverished family of a recently widowed mother and five children. He had to walk three miles every day to get to school, even in the winter, because his mother could not afford a car. And she eventually died, leaving the eldest sister to take care of the family. My dad never even went to a real college.

    But that’s when it happened.

    He saw a problem and he fixed it through hard work and determination. He went to trade school, eventually setting up his own heating and air business. He started working hard and being smart with his money. He sought to protect my sister and me from the things he experienced. He did.

    When my dad was sixteen, he had next to nothing. By the time I turned sixteen this year, my family owned two desktop computers, about four laptops, Four television sets, two vehicles, ten acres of land, and plenty of what impoverished people would call “luxury items;” also, due to my father’s hard work, I have had the oportunity to vist thrity US states plus Canada.

    The basic creed of the Republican party is one of getting what you’ve worked for; less government control and more privatization. Please do not suggest that impoverished citizens cannot change their lives through hard work and dedication. Many of the poor just decide to be lazy and wait on their government handouts. That isn’t to say that social programs are bad; just when they are directed at the people who “could” work and earn an honest living and afford healthcare, but have otherwise decided to get paid at the expense of taxpayers’ dollars.

  5. Thank you AARON for your comment. I am a Republican and not anyone has given me a dime. I come from a middle class family and as much as I do love them, a Deomocrat philosophy is the one they choose.
    Republican are about strength, courage, honor, integrity, and hard work and dedication without expecting anyone to give freely and in return do not expect anyone to take away what has been self achieved through dedication and making a stance for a higher achieving world.
    Not to say their is anything wrong with a line production career or the middle class union worker, but I hear so many comment from individuals with these types of career. They do the same job everyday, striving for the same and waiting for time to pass to get a thirty cent raise and then they blame of how the goal oriented striving individual will change employment, always looking for something else and not sticking with a job or career. Who is to say this is the rule. If they are complaining then it will get not any better for them except when they get their pension when life is almost over. THey wait for the raise then prices are more expensive and they are in the same place as they were when they complained last year. Other that are in poverty choose for the goverment to provide for them or the welfare individual will have more children to get an additional check, more social security and if they have enough maybe one of them may be a ball player and proivde for them in return so they still have to do not a thing but collect a check. Point is Democrats depend on Republicans to create money to give them in return. So to dog the republican is to say without us you democrats wouldnt be getting your welfare check that is free because of what we work for through hard work and education to know how to plan, save, and achieve higher standard for ourselves. If we give up what we strive for democrats will lose their free way of life.
    I at 14 went to work at Waterburger,became a sales lead clerk, engineering secretary, draftperson, then engineer in the same compnay. Bought all the back pain chiropractics, was a prive investigator and now for 14 years as a finance manager in the auto industry making six figures. Not anyone did or gave me a dime. If I am a female and can work in a mans world and be good at what I do, a man receiving a welfare check can get off the couch and be a man. Use your brain and quit blaming ohters for not giving you the free life you already oviously have. Enjoy it why you can. Wrong way to think. God put people on this earth to give back to what he gave free. Your job is to give back to him and not keep taking from the ruler who governs this earth. Walk through it. Don’t become it.

  6. To all those liberals on this blog… I fully support the war in Iraq and am proud to be going over o serve my country… Even if I have to serve under an OBAMA-NATION. I fuly agree with the republicans on thus, I din’t want my money going to some poor homeless guy bcause he dosn’t want to work. IF he wanted money, HE needs to WORK for it!!! Obama has just recenty said that instead of everyone who makes over 250K a year (Since that is only 1% of the population, and he would be included in that) that everyone who makes 200K ayear will be taxed. THEN, Biden said it should be lowered to 125K a year!

  7. A fun way to discuss Barack Obama issue. Barack Obama won because he deserved, through all his qualities that he has shown in the campaign.

  8. Wow your ignorance is astounding! Your cherished freedom mantra that is used to cloak all manners of autocratic acts by that institution called your government. The government is ‘free’ to listen on any and all your phone calls/emails etc in the name of keeping your country free. Yet the biggest security risk, the shipping ports/ docks are minimally policed b/c that might hold up sales and God forbid that the US should ever do anything to stop a potential $$ from being made. It’s funny too about the whole ‘republican’ political ideology. In the 1800’s when the ideas of commerce and governments starting taking over from monarchies, it started changing how society was structured. This is the beginning of the ‘republican’ whose ideas of commerce dominating society started destroying the social support that had existed, that of families of many generations living together, with the young taking care of their elders, the sick and the mentally challenged. After the 1950’s and the nuclear family had become the basic structure of society, where did that leave the people who cannot take care of themselves? Thus old folk’s homes were created, more hospitals and other facilities, but all of these things take money.

    So that leaves three options – go back to a society where grandma and great aunt live with you (and you clean their diapers), or contribute (with taxes or donations) to the infrastructure that helps those who cannot help themselves, or the option that ‘republicans’ favor, that is pretend that everyone magically can always help themself (which makes me wish that they are put into a situation where they can no longer help themselves such as getting an illness that means they can no longer do their job and then they lose their house and they end up on the streets)

    I wonder how many ‘homeless’ people are republican? And the current economic recession you are experiencing was created by a ‘republican’ George Bush. His government allowed the free and loose rules that gave the banks free reign with the subprime mortgages while spending the trillions of dollars on a war that was more personal vendetta than about getting the bad guys.

    And yet some of you still don’t get it

    It’s funny and sad at the same kind. Soon enough the USA will be the ‘homeless’ 3rd world country asking for shirt off of Canada’s back. But would you deserve it??

    1. LOL. Another angry Obamanoid. You’re right Obama is awesome. For the record, I’m not a republican as you assume in your lovely prose, I was not a Bush supporter either. The 2-party system is an illusion meant to keep people distracted and fighting amongst each other. Thanks for stopping by and giving me some content.

  9. A nice phrase:D But no matter whether you wanted Obama to become President or not, it hardly can be changed now and all we can do now is to pray he’sable to cope with his job and duties.

  10. Barack Obama is not only a charismatic president but he is a very intelligent and smart person too. I congratulate him for winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

  11. i believe that Barack Obama is the president that the US needs in these hard times. I do not like the local and foreign policy of any Republican.

  12. I can’t beleive some of the sick, libral comments left on this page. You democrats ask things of republicans that you can’t even follow yourself. Oh, and I understand we need to pay taxes for our things, and there are people that just CAN’T work due to a health issue or such, but do you really want to have all your money that you worked so hard to earn taken away so some lazy pig out there can spend it on booze? And the healthcare! Oh, the healthcare! If you need an exact quote on Obama slipping up, look at this…
    “For example, we said from the start that it was going to be important for us to be consistent in saying to people if you can have your — if you want to keep the health insurance you got, you can keep it, that you’re not going to have anybody getting in between you and your doctor in your decision making. And I think that some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge. ”
    Do I need to explain?

  13. Barack Obama may be a charismatic leader but somehow his economic policies are not that great in my own opinion. But still i am thankful that a Obama is the current president of the unitied states.

  14. Good Cartoon, We have roads that need to be repaired, and bridges, and trash that needs to be picked up along the freeways, parks that need to be built and maintained. There should be no welfare for able bodied, only public works projects. Teach a man to fish etc. I’m a young Black liberal republican, and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Barrack Obama also America’s White president as much as he is it’s Black one? If I was a white person in America I would feel a little unrepresented the way everyone including Barrack himself ignores that part of him. No wonder we have so much racial tension in America, the president isn’t even comfortable with it in himself.

  15. All I know is that I work at a large Pharmaceutical corporation in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my energy. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to say yes for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

  16. in response to W.J.Aaron: Thank you so much for your comment; that was a beautiful story. Your comment sums up just about everything!! People should be working for what they get, and not just relying on free handouts… There is a great YouTube video I think you would appreciate, look up “John Stossel Special: Freeloaders – FOX” on YouTube. It basically talks about how most homeless people are given plenty of work opportunities but they turn them down because they don’t think they should have to work… they think people should just give them money… they have an insane sense of entitlement… I’m not saying this is all homeless people.

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