A Page from the Sketchbook

Here’s a page from the old sketchbook. I like to keep my sketchbook open on my desk and doodle stuff here an there throughout the day, it helps to keep the creative juices flowing. Here’s my latest page that was created with a few different types of felt tip pens I like to play around with.

Sketches of People from the Sketchbook

11 Replies to “A Page from the Sketchbook”

  1. Fabulous!

    I hadn’t though to have a sketchbook out all day. Quite brilliant. (I usually just take mine along on an outings and such.)

  2. Thats meanest!! did you draw any penguins i am working on them right now!! you shade there hair soo good!!

  3. I really like your style! Could you tell me what the style is called? I tried looking up “Cartoon” but it looks way different.


    Gr. Julian

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