Background Check and Credit Report Pending!

Background and Credit Check before Getting Married

That’s a pretty good sized diamond, I don’t think many gals would be thinking about a background check after seeing that rock… but the credit report is probably a smart idea.

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  1. im sorry to tell you this. but, well , your strips are not funny.. youre just good a illustrating

  2. You may think he’s not funny, and I do find a few of his strips more boring than others, but I enjoy these more than the “joke a day” emails I’ve been getting for the past few years. I do think he killed this one by putting a caption on it; the punchline speaks for itself.

  3. Thanks Jake! Uh, I think. :)

    As long as I can stay one step ahead of forwarded email jokes… I’m happy. Tough crowd. I love it.

    Oh, and don’t worry Arik, someday you’ll find your soulmate.

  4. This is a nice blog, thanks! It may sound silly that you have to watch your credit report, but you would be amazed at the number of people who actually have errors on their credit report and they are completely unaware of it.
    In Making Your Credit Report Work For You, there are a couple of things that you can do.Hope you’ll find it and your many readers very useful.
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  5. Brad I love your work how can I get in touch with you about doing some work for a show I?m developing my email is I?d like to get a quote and talk more see if your interested your drawings are spot on for what I?m looking for!

  6. i disagree with arik, it is funny that a girl would be thinking credit record when a man is trying to propose!

  7. I like your picture. Good joke! Checking credit report is really important, because you can correct any errors and inaccurate information,or only see that everything with it is OK. But do not think about it in such beautiful moment!!!

  8. Wow, nice one! This is a funny cartoon but reminds us of the important tast to be taken care of. Back ground check and credit report dependent on each other I think. If one is good both will be good if not then both are bad.

  9. You might not know what kind of person you will marry. Lol. That diamond might be a stolen one hahaha.

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