How Your Government Works – New Cartoon!

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A cartoon depicting how your government really works and thinks. No wonder everything’s broken.

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  1. I like the cartoon! Sadly, lately it looks like our government will never be fixed!

    1. Oo! Diana that would’ve been MUCH funnier using a giant sledgehammer. Nice one, thanks!

  2. I, personally, am so tired of the undermining of this country one to another through jokes about who people are. The day I see we actually care for one another enough to filter through all the excess garbage about people/gov’t and their mistakes so we can actually get to the problems is the day we as a nation will actually earn a little respect in the world

  3. I, as a citizen of the U.S am troubled by our lack of honor toward our gov’t and everyone in general. The day we actually care enough about one another to stop the slander and cut through the xcess garbage may earn our nation some respect.

  4. I like the cartoon a lot . I just hope our government will get its head out of the clouds someday = P

    1. I’m a little late to the party….but I’m pretty sure that in the clouds is not where government has it’s head.

      I’m thinking more of a semi-annual, self-actuated, visual rectal exam.

  5. Im a editorial cartoonist myself. I like your style and idea. NICE. NICE. NICE!!!!. Hope you can send me more of your cartoons. I will file them

  6. I have to say I loved the comic, sadly even though it’s true I laughed. I must say though you brought an even bigger smile to my face with your replies to Renee.

  7. If only I could believe that it was just incompetence at the helm. Then I would feel much reassured that the World was merely ruled by buffoons and not lunatics. Still I keep my fingers crossed for the future and hope that it’ll all work out fine at some point :)

  8. thats probably how obama is going to do it but instead he wont fix it at all. he will eventually let the terrorist invade the US and we will crumble all thanks to obama. if u did realise, i dont like obama, no offense, i apoligize if this offended anyone but that if my thoughts.

  9. *i apologize if this offended anyone but that if my thoughts.*
    I don’t like Obama either , but who cares what others think . Its America we should start thinking about are rights for freedom of speech not the words of others who don’t agree with us .

    Again I love the cartoon , KEEP IT UP FRITZ!

  10. Guys – if you didn’t start studying this when the campaigning first started, you are in for many many more rude awakenings! This is only the beginning. Maybe you should forget the 40 lb sledgehammer and draw RAMBO, fully armed going totally beserk! I’m glad I’m already old… unfortunately…

  11. Love the Cartoon, I go to bed at night thinking our Gov’t cant get any worse…Yet every morning I wake up, turn on the news and realize it just did….

  12. The cartoon is apt, too, to the whole debate on judicial activism vs. judicial restraint but with a caveat. Are our courts correcting the ills of the nation’s history to correct inequities with its judicial powers or should we rely on the legislative prerogative that is public avenue to enact change?

  13. I guess they think bigger is better…unfortunately the bigger our government gets and more control they want, the less freedom we have…nice cartoon as always :)

  14. nice cartoon..but i’m not get it..what is the message of this cartoon?

  15. Hey, making fun of our government is one of YOUR fundamental rights. Go read the Constitution. And while you’re at it, BING some newspaper cartoons from 1776 or 1846. It’s your heritage, baby. Try it in China… bang, you’re dead. Get it?

  16. Ha! This could have been written about the current UK government. They use bigger hammers though.

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