Penguin Drawings

Here are a few penguin drawing character designs for a Flash interactive game I thought I’d share. The unfortunate penguin… he seems so limited.
penguin character design concept sketch 02

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  1. LOVE IT!!! Speaking as someone who had to draw a crap-load of penguins not to long ago for a little children’s book, I always love to see another cartoonist’s interpretation of the adorable, indomitable, underappreciated penguin. I think I like the middle one on the left the best. Can’t wait to see this animated!

  2. Thanks guys! Very much appreciated! I also like the left middle one best I think. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted here on the progress of the game.

  3. hey! thats awesome. ur right the middle 1 on the left is great but i actually like the top left 1!

  4. These are AWESOME! Your a great drawer. There all cute but my favorit is the top left one its realy chubuy, in a good way though.

  5. I’ve been looking for drawings to redraw to put in my stand up book, so how am I supposed to draw something as good as that??
    I really like them though.They are the bet penguins in the world!! But the only thing I don’t get is that you don’t have names for them.They could be something like Freddie!!

  6. hay i am in class and sduding antartica and had to look for penguins and i found these there so awesome i love the middle one on the left

  7. I think these drawing are like well wicked, they would like totaly look awesome if they were coloured purple!!

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