Little Girl Drawing

Here’s a rough character design for a current project. I like how her expression came out, hopefully it’ll carry over into the final art. Sometimes it can be hard to re-capture the same feel going from a loose pencil sketch to the hard-lined vector finished piece.
little girl character design sketch illustration

Og Mandino | The Greatest Secret in the World

Self Portrait Sketch!

The Greatest Secret in the World
by Og Mandino

I greeted this day with love in my heart.
I praised my enemies.
I thought “I love you” silently to all I met today and I loved myself enough to protect my body from overindulgence and my mind from evil and despair.

I kept myself away from those whose weeping and complaining are contagious.

I avoided negative thoughts or words.
I tried to complete one more task when it was time to journey home and I did not allow the day to end in failure.

I refrained from all self-praise.
I learned at least one new thing about my profession today.
I concentrated on making each project better than the last.
I kept the market place and home separate from each other in my thoughts.

I greeted this morning with gratitude for the gift of another day.
I mourned not yesterday’s mistakes and defeats.
I wasted none of my precious time on foolishness.
I treated everyone with tenderness as if I would see them no more, and I truly lived this day as if it were my last.

I avoided all negative thoughts of failure and despair by making my actions control my thoughts.

I smile often.

I moved swiftly.
I raised my voice to strengthen my confindence.
I made allowances for the moods of others and I refused to allow any setback or problem to discolor my day.

I laughed at the world and at myself today.
I refuse to take too seriously my petty understandings.
I laughed at my problems, my heartaches, my failures, even my successes.

I maintained my perspective by telling myself throughout the day, “this too shall pass.”

I put off no distasteful chore for another time.
I moved swiftly from task to task to avoid diversion and temptation.
I overcame my fears through action.

I prayed today. I repeated a familiar prayer but I also spoke a few words of my own asking for guidance and thanking my Creator for giving me the privilege of making something of this day, and my life.

Penguin Drawings

Here are a few penguin drawing character designs for a Flash interactive game I thought I’d share. The unfortunate penguin… he seems so limited.
penguin character design concept sketch 02

Sketch Acting

He’s either defending himself profusely, or he’s complaining about how his butt looks in those pants. I prefer the former.

man character design concept sketch

Teeny Bopper

Perspective has never been one of my strong suits, or feet for that matter, but I thought this one was on target.
Teen girl character illustration - teeny bopper
Since producing a bit more illustration for the children’s market lately, I’ve discovered a pretty good tip for finding character costume/outfit references. It’s actually pretty obvious; online clothing websites! GAP, JCPenny, Land’s End, Old Navy, etc. all have excellent reference imagery while staying in line with and dictating, what’s currently hip.