Book Illustrator – Clutter

Try de-cluttering this old book illustrator fogey. this was an article illustration done a while back on old timers having a hard time making the leap into the digital age. I thought the scrolls & 10 commandments were a nice touch. :) Inspired to post by IF’s topic this week which is “Clutter.”

A Cluttered Old Book Illustrator
A Cluttered Old Book Illustrator

Free Beer Mug Icons for the Buy Me a Beer Plugin

I found out from Chris G about a nifty WordPress plugin that puts a twist on a blog’s tip jar or donation link: The Buy Me a Beer Plugin.

The idea is that readers who find your blog posts useful and/or inspiring might want to send you a few bucks via PayPal as a tip. Enough to buy you a frosty cold beer. I thought it was a clever idea, especially since I love beer and it’s warming up outsi… no, pretty much just because I love beer….
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Florida Arts Poster…

Here’s that Florida Art Festival poster I said I’d post for you when it was done. (click the image below to enlarge) It was actually for the Palm Beach Cultural Council if anyone knows of it.

This was a fun assignment but it was tricky getting all the characters to piece together just right. As you can probably see from the original sketch, there was a lot of tweaking involved. That’s another great advantage to working digitally, vector in particular… it’s relatively easy to work the composition by adjusting placement and sizing of elements. Some might call this cheating, I call it saving years of my life. :-)

I’m looking forward to getting a copy of the full-size poster from the agency when it’s complete… it’ll make a nice addition to the studio. I need more finished art on my walls, plenty of sketches and works in progress but not much color stuff.

The client was very pleased with the final art, I was even lucky enough to get a quote from the art director for my upcoming testimonial page…

“Brad’s artistic and professional capabilities are superior and made it easy for us to complete our project and go beyond our clients’ expectations!”

Florida Poster Illustration before and after - small

Robert Scoble – Partially Naked…

Not sure if you’ve been following the semi-heated debate between full and partial RSS feeds over at Microsoft Geek Blogger Robert Scoble’s site, but it seems everyone’s got an opinion on the matter. Especially Duncan Riley. I can see both sides of the coin but I thought I’d chime in with my own case for the partial feed with the image below. I think this might even sway Scoble himself. :) Enjoy!

Picture of Robert Scoble\'s Caricature - A Cartoon Robert Scoble, the Scobleizer
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Hugh MacLeod – UNCORKED!

Cartoon picture of Hugh Mcleod - caricature of Hugh Mcleod of Gaping Void I had such a good time with
Guy’s project last week I thought I’d continue on with the theme.

After kicking around a few ideas I thought I’d start with this playful poke at Hugh MacLeod.

I intended this to be in the spirit of Guy’s caricature with “The Anatomy of a Hughtrain” or something, but it took on a life of it’s own.

I know the trick is to have something worth saying that adds to the conversation… but I draw pictures. :-)

What do you think? – Who should be next?

And btw, If you’re one of the few people on the planet that hasn’t read Hugh’s brilliant piece How to Be Creative yet… Get going already!

UPDATE: Hugh now has a daily cartoon email newsletter.. I highly recommend you subscribe immediately for exclusive cartoon delivery and special limited edition cartoon prints for sale.

Illo Friday – Simple

I guess you can take this week’s Illustration Friday topic , simple, two ways. Either as intellectually simple or the visually minimalistic route. Since I’m betting most artists might take the minimalist approach, I thought I’d go with intellectually simple. You know what they say… stick with what you know… :)

If anyone else took this approach, feel free to leave your link in the comment area…

character design for illustration Friday