Book Illustrator – Clutter

Try de-cluttering this old book illustrator fogey. this was an article illustration done a while back on old timers having a hard time making the leap into the digital age. I thought the scrolls & 10 commandments were a nice touch. :) Inspired to post by IF’s topic this week which is “Clutter.”

A Cluttered Old Book Illustrator
A Cluttered Old Book Illustrator

Cartoon Caption Contest – Caption This Sketch & WIN!

cartoon caption contestThis week’s Illustration Friday topic is “wrinkles“, so I thought I’d post a sketch of an upcoming cartoon I have in the queue.

I already have a gag in mind for this but it definitely could be better, so post your idea in the comments area below! The winner will get the original sketch signed by yours truly!

So you know… my sketches are in pretty high demand these days… you could easily turn around and sell this for $1.50 on ebay. Easy money kids!


Cartoon Turtle Drawing

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Speed.” And as the turtle sketch below suggests, speed is relative. Sometimes your clients don’t see it this way though. :) Slow speed is still speed! Don’t discriminate!Drawing of a Cartoon Turtle sketch character. Turtle sketch

Illo Friday – Simple

I guess you can take this week’s Illustration Friday topic , simple, two ways. Either as intellectually simple or the visually minimalistic route. Since I’m betting most artists might take the minimalist approach, I thought I’d go with intellectually simple. You know what they say… stick with what you know… :)

If anyone else took this approach, feel free to leave your link in the comment area…

character design for illustration Friday