Watch Me Illustrate Some Fish in Flash

Click play in the video below to watch me illustrate last month’s NH Magazine spot. This one was done entirely in Flash and you can see all the sneaky little ways I cheat. :-) It’s sped up considerably… the video is about 8:40 minutes but the actual illustration took me roughly 3 hours, start to finish. Enjoy!

If you can’t see the video above, please click the following link to view it on my blog: NH Mag Fish Illustration Video

Audit Your Computer Workstation!

If you’re anything like me and work way too many hours on the computer, you’ve no doubt experienced some kind of chronic pain as a result. I’m constantly adjusting my workspace trying to find that holy grail of perfect pain-free workstation symmetry.

Although my run with physical therapy helped me a great deal to get through some severe pain resulting from long-time neglect, I tend to find myself slipping back into bad habits without realizing it. Until the pain slowly creeps back in, of course. I recently stumbled upon a great little checklist and information page that has some excellent tips on the subject. I felt better within 10 minutes after making just a couple of minor adjustments.

It is often working overtime and the stress of deadline situations that force people to ignore and work through their pain and discomfort. It is very important that once you start to notice some pain or discomfort to be very careful.

Pain that goes away over night is usually a sign of fatigue, pain that is continuous and does not go away over night is more serious and should be attended to immediately… It is much easier to treat and recover from a pain episode the earlier you are treated. Ignoring pain can lead to serious injury.

Here’s the link… I was hoping that at the end of the page there would be a “submit’ button to click and it would take the information I entered via the check boxes and magically give me a personal assessment of what my problems specifically are. It’s simple to figure it out manually just by addressing all of your “No’s” but I like “easy” buttons. :-)

Computer Workstation Self-Audit Checklist

Watch Me Draw a Horse…

I enjoy watching other artists draw stuff so I figured I’d dust off the old video camera post something of my own. There’s no audio… maybe I’ll get brave enough and slap a mic on for the next one… Enjoy! (click here if you can’t see the video below)

[flashvideo filename=video/draw-a-horse-head-001.flv image=video/draw-a-horse-head-001.jpg /]

Hugh MacLeod – UNCORKED!

Cartoon picture of Hugh Mcleod - caricature of Hugh Mcleod of Gaping Void I had such a good time with
Guy’s project last week I thought I’d continue on with the theme.

After kicking around a few ideas I thought I’d start with this playful poke at Hugh MacLeod.

I intended this to be in the spirit of Guy’s caricature with “The Anatomy of a Hughtrain” or something, but it took on a life of it’s own.

I know the trick is to have something worth saying that adds to the conversation… but I draw pictures. :-)

What do you think? – Who should be next?

And btw, If you’re one of the few people on the planet that hasn’t read Hugh’s brilliant piece How to Be Creative yet… Get going already!

UPDATE: Hugh now has a daily cartoon email newsletter.. I highly recommend you subscribe immediately for exclusive cartoon delivery and special limited edition cartoon prints for sale.

Illo Friday – Simple

I guess you can take this week’s Illustration Friday topic , simple, two ways. Either as intellectually simple or the visually minimalistic route. Since I’m betting most artists might take the minimalist approach, I thought I’d go with intellectually simple. You know what they say… stick with what you know… :)

If anyone else took this approach, feel free to leave your link in the comment area…

character design for illustration Friday

The Nose or the Flyswatter…

Some days I feel like this guy. Waiting patiently (or more realistically – procrastinating) for something and when it finally arrives or it actually gets done, BAM! I screwed something up that should have been pretty obvious.

But then there are the days I feel like the flyswatter. :-)

flyswatter and fly drawing

fly, character design

Old Man Goat… Hide the Kids…

Goats seem to be the “old men” of the animal world. Whenever I see a goat – illustrated or otherwise – I always think if they could talk they’d sound exactly like a grumpy, 92 year old man who hates kids and voted for Ronald Reagan. Or is this just me? … *looks around*

picture of a cartoon goat character design