How Your Government Works – New Cartoon!


political cartoon - government cartoons

A cartoon depicting how your government really works and thinks. No wonder everything’s broken.

A News Emergency


Emergency Broadcast Cartoon - News Cartoon

Cartoon Caption: "This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. I repeat, this was only a test. If this had been a real emergency, I can assure you that I would already be on the first available flight out of town."

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Male Pattern Baldness Cartoon


Male Pattern Baldness Cartoon, Hair Cartoon, Bald Cartoons, Balding

Cartoon Caption: Man looking into th mirror trying to convince himself of the positive benefits of experiencing male pattern baldness - "At least I have a nicely shaped head. A lot of Chicks dig bald men! The Rogain is starting to work! I’ll look great bald! Balding men look more sophisticated. I don’t care that I’m going bald. Bald is “IN” these days." Sub caption: "Male Pattern Nonsense"

The Most Attractive Quality?


Dating Cartoon - Law of Attraction Cartoon - Relationships
Cartoon Caption: "The most attractive quality I find in a woman? Her ability to acknowledge my existence."

My Financial Adviser vs. My Spiritual Adviser


Funny Financial CartoonCartoon Caption: My financial adviser says I don’t have enough faith, and my spiritual adviser says I’m too diversified.

A Valentine’s Day Cartoon for You!

Love & Relationship Valentine's Day Cartoon

Love & Relationship Valentine's Day Cartoon

Cartoon Caption: "I don’t quite now how to say this to you, Doreen, but...Love, you, I"

The Smell of Spring is in the Air…

Spring Cartoon, a cartoon about spring, winter and smelly crap.

Spring Cartoon, a cartoon about spring, winter and smelly crap.

Cartoon Caption: "The snow is finally melting and the smell of spring is in the air! ... Unfortunately it’s the smell of a winter’s worth of my neighbor’s dog crap unthawing."

Time to Eat

Willpower & Dieting Cartoon

Willpower & Dieting Cartoon

Cartoon Caption: Man:"I haven’t eaten anything in four days." - Lady: "Oh my goodness! I wish I had your willpower."

Going on Vacation, Watch the House?

Cartoon Neighbor - Neighborhood Cartoon

Cartoon Neighbor - Neighborhood Cartoon

Cartoon Caption: "Hey Wayne... could you look after my house while I’m away on vacation? I’d hate to have something go wrong and not have anyone to blame."

Some Twitter Cartoon Fun…


Here's a Twitter cartoon inspired by the one and only Marlon Sanders (@marlonsanders). He's been helping me "get" Twitter a bit more than I already do.

What's that? You say you do't know what a Twitter is? Well go find out and sign up, then follow me here. I demand it! :-)


Twitter Cartoon

Twitter Cartoon: Twitterdicted!