Sox Conquer the Empire… FINALLY!

That was the most unbelievable seven-game series I have ever seen. Simply amazing baseball. There are no words to describe the feeling of finally beating those punks! Now how great would it be to see Roger Clemens get beat by the Sox at here at Fenway in game 3 of the World Series?? WooHoo! Go Astros!

Go Red Sox

Yanks Collapse!

Sure it’s great we beat ’em, but it’s even sweeter to know that no one can compete with the brutality of the New York City newspaper writers.

Murderers’ Row finishes on skid row
In the end, when it really, truly mattered, Murderers’ Row II got killed. The Yankees lineup was supposed to be a firing line, a hit squad, an endless string of sluggers, boppers and heroes. But as the Red Sox grew closer and closer, and the ALCS got tighter and tighter, the Yanks’ vaunted bats shut down.

Daily News Sox - Yankees Covers

Cartoon Man

Here’s a picture of one of many cartoon men from the vault. That’s one happy little fat man, no? I bet he’s on his way to the ice cream truck.

Happy man cartoon and cartoon men character design illustrations.

Click the following link if you’d like to use this image in your projects:  Cartoon Happy Fat Man Clip Art

Shrek Character Sketch

Here’s a Shrek character sketch of mine for ya… He seems pretty pleased but I think we need to be a little concerned for the rat’s future here. I’m always a sucker for artists interpertations of existing characters, there’s no end to the possible variations. I think Farquaad and Donkey would be 2 other Shrek characters that would be fun to tackle… in my spare time of course!

Shrek character design sketch illustration

Silly Little Freak

I’m not sure what this guy is but he sure is pleased with himself. He’s laughing almost as if he’s just done something evil… like he ate someone he shouldn’t have.
freak character design sketch illustration

A Beautiful Illustration Article

Here is a gem of an illustration article from the Illustrators Partnership site that should be mandatory reading for all Illustrators, pro and novice alike. It’s very inspiring and is exactly the frame of mind you need to have if you’re to survive the lifestyle of the freelance illustrator. I have it printed out and posted on my job board for easy reference, I suggest you do the same. Read it and regain your passion for your craft…

“There are reasons why we chose to be illustrators. We are a breed of creators, problem-solvers, and in general, visually-obsessed people. We enjoy being able to recreate the world we see in our own way, with our own hands. As kids we loved the smell of crayons, the taste of pastels, and the feel of finger-paints as we oozed them across the paper. As adults, we still do. We love the process of watching a canvas be filled with the strokes of our brushes. To us this is power.

We also love being able to explore for ourselves the roads that lead to our future and the opportunity to define our own success. As an illustrator, there are no artificial boundaries to what I can create or how much I can earn.

Among some, there is a deeply imbedded skepticism regarding the present and future health of our industry. I understand that there are dangers, and enemies, and endless uncertainties that face us as illustrators. Illustration is a much different world than it was even five or ten years ago. But despite those differences, I am among those who believe that there are more opportunities for illustrators than ever before. More money is available, and more outlets for our talents are emerging. But to find them, we first must understand the limitless potential of the work that we create.”
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