How to Draw a Rose

How to draw a rose - Learn How to Draw a Rose Step by Step

Learn how to draw an easy rose... step by step!

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  1. Great concept! I love to see how a rose grows beneath your pencil. My roses usually develop chaotically. Thanks to your pic I’m able to realize the body behind the petals. Gonna give it a try. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. this is so cool! mum used to buy me those “how to draw a horsie” books when i was a kid, but i tend to forget the basic principles! thanks for doing this!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the great feedback guys! I should do more of these if you find them helpful. Thanks for all the great comments!

  4. Excellent tutorial. I’m just starting to try to learn to to draw and I was really pleased with how my rose came out. Some more like this would be great! I’ll be giving up the day job in no time.

  5. this site is cool. i’m still a kid. people think that at my age i would still be makin macaroni-noodle pictures. i showed them thanks to you!! my mom was overjoyed with the mothers day drawing of this beautiful rose. thanks again.

  6. whoa you made it look heaps easy.. anyway – i was wondering if u could add color to it.. should i just shade the outline dark red then upt some light red in the rose and the stem be green and watnot?

  7. Hi! I’m ten years old ans when I saw that drawing, It was so good that that I tried to draw it. I showed my mom it and, she liked it so much. I’m a good drawer and this drawing is perfect for me to learn more. It’s AWSOME!

  8. i like roses very much so i draw them every day but i don t have any ideas please show me more pictures,

  9. its great!

    ive ben searching on the web to find out how to draw a rose and this is by far the best result yet!!!!!!!!!


  10. Thanks those are really good and hopefully i can get out of the ddoghouse with my girlfriend because of of it.

  11. wow that rose is beautiful I am a pretty good manga drawer but i alway wanted to draw a rose and now i can

  12. wow…im like the worst artist ever and my rose looks exactly like the one you did! i needed it for an art project…thanks a ton:)!

  13. im only 9 and was trying to draw a rose and i had been copying(not tracing) a different picture and i couldnt draw the petas so i searched it and i found’s fantabulos and pretyful.the only thing missin is what to erase.

  14. This is awsome this picture makes it seem very very easy now i can draw better roses than ever thaks a lot really thanks

  15. haha thanx to you ive managed to pick up so many chicks XD
    haha thanx bro this helped me alot

  16. i love your rose. I have never been able to draw them now you make it seem so simple. If u can get more rose drawings or anything of that sort can u send it to my e-mail
    i really do love this rose. And maybe can u draw a instructions to how to draw a rose with a skull for me, or any one else that wants that?? i would really appreaciate it

  17. I am only 12, and am definetly NOT an artist. This rose made it very simple for me to understand were all the line go and were to erase.

  18. this would be an awsome sight but … i dont like the way you dont breakm everything down …

  19. drawing is my new passion/hobby, and it appears that I have some talent. A point of reference or picture is most helpful…I wish I found this talent a long time ago…

  20. hey, this rose looks amasing and i followed your setps and i got and A+ on my art mark for drawing something plain but detailed thankyou for teaching me how to do that!

  21. WoWWW!!! thanks really, it help mii to finish my postal and get pretty praise from my friends and teachers!! it’s really AWESOME!!!

  22. Hii! l am ero here again, erm.. may l suggest : why don’t you have it coloured?

  23. I love this! See , I was looking on how to draw roses for this poster contest. I loved it!!! It helped me so much. Thanks for the help , I really enjoyed it. 10/10 rating. Thanks again!!!!!!!!! ;)

  24. I loved the rose…It taught me a lot simpler way to draw it!!I love the rose very much and can’t wait to tell my friends all about it!!! Many Many thanks for that!!!:)

  25. hi just wanted to say that although it sounds funny, your rose drawing method has actually made it easier for me to understand how to break other stuff down into simple shapes and draw them.

    reall Cool

    thankx !!

  26. On holidays you can usually expect to get some sort of drawing from me. Mother’s day is coming up and I don’t have the money to go out and buy something. So this really helps. let me know when you get some more sketch patterns!

  27. that concept was wonderful my first attempt at it was totally horrible but ill keep at it! i wanted to try it because i had an empty space on my wall and wanted to draw something like in the beauty and the beast.

  28. yo this is rose got me sumthin good i drew it fo my girl miranda && damn sh3 said i love you && we made out all night long i lov3 her though she is my everything i hope we are together forever i love you babe

  29. I just love to draw and I always wanted to know how to draw a rose, and finally I know how to do it perfectly well! thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. wow! this is so uhmazing!
    it really works!
    but i think you should definately have more drawings and sketches.

  31. This is a great and simple drawing of a rose because i have been trying to draw one but they are all too hard and this is a perfect example.

  32. hi. i LOVE it! i have always been wondering how to draw one and mine have always like a cup =P thanks for the help!

  33. hey i accually drew this….i cant believe i did… looks all most as good as yours……..^♥^

  34. wow tht rose is sexilicious it was mad easy to draw oh yeah you should definetely make morre you should think about drawing a tulip cauz a lot of people cant draw one well me as an artist think it is easy well gotta go i love my husband austin and myyyy babeyyyyy gurl Adreana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I remmeber subscribing to this ages ago and i think it just goes to show that your drawing must be brilliant because all it is, is a Rose and yet people are still leaving comments.

    The drawing IS good though regardless of what bad cooments some people decide to write on here.

  36. i thought it was ok. it needs a little more work on the rose like: lite and dark spots, shading, patterns and alot more but them are the three most things u got to do so its ok yeah ummm rockoutloud!!!!!!!!!

  37. Thanks! Using this even I was able to draw a pretty rose. I drew it on paper first and traced it on to the glass in a picture frame, which was “etched” using a dremel tool. Mounted together with a red led it makes a perfect valentine gift.

  38. Cute and beautiful. Easy to draw for the first time in my life! Creative and looks like a rose and not some weird thing that looks like a scribble on my page.

  39. wow !! t was a gr8 help.i never knew how to draw a rose and this helped me loadz.i never actually knew it could be this simple.thanx a lot guys :)

  40. This is a gr8 way to draw roses.roses are beautiful plants and people draw them with such great technique but this rose is soooo simple to draw and looks beautiful.i never actually knew how to draw them but i relli do know now.the rose looks so like reality i can jst smell the wonderful scent of looks FABULOUS !!!!! great help . thanks so much !!! :D

  41. I eat roses for breakfast after I roundhouse kick the roosters off my fence in the morning.

  42. that was an awsome drawing it really helped me with my mothers day card!!! Got any more flower drawings???

  43. this was awesome i took it a lil farther and did a boque it turened out grate! i always had a problem with roses but not any more thanks so much!!

  44. I was limited to drawing daisies before this and was trying really hard to draw a rose,but they were way complicated. this is amazing, and so simple!

  45. I totally love your rose!It reminds me of the rose in the music video “apologize” by one republic.If you shade it in dark and then fill the center in lightly it will make it look really good!Thanks for the great drawing!It looks awesome! :)

  46. Wow this is so cool I am drawing this pic for a friend who looooooooves guitars so i drew her an electric guitar but it looked like it needed somthing more so i searched how 2 drw a rose and you came up thank u soooooo much mine turned out puuuuuuuuurrrrrfect!!!

    thanks again u r gr8

  47. i absolutly love this my mum says that its good for me to do this since shes to busy being a lawer but as long as im rich idc

  48. i love roes i draw them eery day i am working on a rose[yellow rose]is my pawpaws favorite color rose now to put up on my wall in memory of my paw paw

  49. I was sooo jelous of my friend because she could draw a better flower. KNow that i know i taught all my friends an dthey thank me for it! now i know how to draw a really good flower! these steps were easy and fun! :)

  50. That’s just beautiful. I do a lot of quilling and have to draw my own quilling patterns, so I’m trying to improve my drawing. This is one of the greatest sites I found, so thank you. Hope to see more from you real soon.

  51. Hi, my name is Miguel and I always wanted to draw a rose. This thing of drawing a rose is somthing i wanted to do before i started High School. And guess want I completed my goal. So let me tell you somthing ALWAYS think POSITIVE.

  52. this is so kool. i had to do a mothers day project the day b4 and it came out awesome!!! i love how you draw all the stuff you do.

  53. I spent ages trying to find this and then by accident I came accross it againt. I’ve just book market it.Thanks again.

  54. I needed a tatoo idea for my 18th bday and this is beautiful and perfect!Exactly what I was looking for!Art just came naturally to me so i drew this and my tatoo artist got it perfectly.I was VERY pleased and my tatoo looks GREAT!Thankyou very much.I will always have a part of your great art forever :)

  55. That is a realley amazing rose. I am 11 years old and i love drawing. now i know how to draw a realley pretty rose. Thank-you very mutch. You are an amazing artist

  56. I forgot to say….
    Could you do thesame thing, but for faces. I realley need to know how to draw a face for a canvas im going to do
    thanks :)

  57. How to Draw a Rose | Learn How to Draw a Rose Step by Step!
    My cat loves roses… so learning to draw them and her together. ^..^. § brittany on March 16th, 2006 at 11:02 ….. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail

  58. Hey my name is Sarah and I’m a 13 year old girl who has the dream of becoming the best drawer in my city even though i’ve just started drawing I am working really hard at it and i have alot of friends who are willing to help me out. My best friend Tiffany is the best drawer that i’ve seen she knows how to draw roses and she can draw almost anything u can think of.

  59. Hey I like your web page but i need yall to help me by showing me how to draw a dog.I think i will tell my friend so she can come on this web page.So yall will have alot of people on yalls web page.


  60. I really love this on how to draw flowers because really love flowers and i have atually drew this flower and its so beutiful.

  61. i really love roses, they are so beautiful. to me, roses means romantic. i love to be romantic especially with my boyfriend. roses are just too pretty!

    -asia wang

  62. wow! i’m so happy and thank god for showing me how to draw a rose! Know ever time i look or draw a rose it remides me of my family member that have deaded because of Canser! I thank god everyday that i not one of those people! i love you all!

  63. hi my name is taylor keaton and do u have any other roses to draw except that one up there because it is to easy and wow lol its ugly i do the ones that are harder to do !!!!!freak !

  64. i love it sinc i was 5 i have been trying to get a rose like that thank you so much for that video you rock and are awesome.

  65. It is too cool and very easy to learn.
    I always wish to draw beautiful Rose flower and today I made it.

  66. I always thought that roses were difficult but how the steps are it makes it really easy!!! :) :D :p

  67. I really love this website! I CANNOT draw and I took the simple steps on this and I won the art prize at my school 4 times in a row!! Thank you so much!

  68. hi i like your rose it’s really cool i like it but i can’t draw it all the way i can’t draw the leafs and the rest of it is good i think you should break it down more.

  69. i loved my drawing and i dont draw that good so this websight is amazing. Im only ten years old and i love to draw. It turned out great!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE ADD MORE OBJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. totally awesome!!!! i di it in ten minutes!!
    the fastest awesome work ive ever done. keep up the great work!!! :D

  71. H My name is Lori i am a 9th grade i go to clovis east high i live in clovis what is your name i want to that you for teaching to draws a flower it look great byb.

  72. First of all, great job with the rose. :) But could someone please tell me what program is being used in this video?

  73. I have searched on about 100000000000 websites and i found this one and it turned out gr8!! If you know any more please share!!! Thx x

  74. Nicely done,

    I have done probably a full dozen by now myself. Even the first one came out OK, in fact better than number 10 which came out a bit distorted like it belonged to Alice’s friend the Queen of Hearts (just kidding)

    I drew one for my girlfriend and got more credit than if I had spent good money on one at the flower shop.

  75. i love that rose and of course i love roses anyway but next time i would prefer a ladybug or a moon k bye

  76. Thanks a whole bunch,I have just started drawing and have absolutely no idea how to draw this was great. Do you have anymore like it.

    Thanks again for such a wonderfull tutorial.

  77. well i love to draw and this really helped alot i love this and i got to do a nice rose thanks alot <3

  78. I couldn’t get it right. I’ve drawn a human PERFECTLY and I can’t draw a rose. Searously? Searously?!?!

  79. this is by far the most maddog website ever. although cood u do me a HUGE favour and put learn how to draw a dog on here. (for my friend!)

  80. this is fantastic, im an artist ‘in training’ but this is great to practice on! that was the best rose i ever drew.

  81. Woww,, Lagiit! I thiink thiis is cool as! Imm Startiing aa career in arrt! Thaank Youu HEAPS! xoxox <3

  82. i have been drawing my whole life and my older siblings have to,i think that this is a nice easy fun way for people to learn how to draw one.i have drawn roses before and im ok this helps a lot great rose!!!

  83. Whyy do people ALWAYS say its sexy?I don`t even think you know what it means!!!!Do you guys even take health class?No offense

  84. Hey kitz plz answer this what graqde are you in and your so freackin cool!!!

    im so happy why do people say negative words here?


  86. oh wow! so beautiful yet so simple
    I drew this on a get well soon card for my sis and she loved it!
    thanks alot! =3

  87. hi rose, well, this didn’t teach me how to draw a rose at all. You went to fast. i thought you would of done it step by step. Anyways, it was a great job! You are really talented and awesome! Thanks!

  88. i love this rose my mom has lung cancer and i made it for her she started to cry she LOOOOVVVVEEEEit i hope you will all love it too

  89. this rose came out reaally nice all the shading gives it an effect that makes it look more realistic

  90. Um well thanks for the tips but I am only in the fifth grade and I can draw WAY better roses than that so you should try to make it look better or something!

  91. i love your rose but its way to hard for me to draw could you please make it eazyer
    but its still cool i want to be like you
    wtell me how you did that

  92. thank you soooo much! i have been looking around for a rose that is easy to draw and this was the best one!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Thank you Brad Fitz Patrick for teaching us how to draw a rose step by step. You have helped us. My fellow students is really proud what they’ve drawn. Thank you again. Good day!

  94. i love this way of learning, its so much easier to understand and less complicated!! awesome and thanks for your help!!

  95. Awesome technique!!!!
    Looks so complex yet so easy to make!!!!!
    Sure to get an A+ in art class!!!!!!

  96. osm 4 beginnrs……………

    really helpfl…………………

    thanx 4 d hlp……………….

    thr mxt b mre cits like thxxxx………….

  97. WOW this is AWESOME i have always wanted to draw a rose and i have looked and here it is thank you so much!


  99. I love this website a lot after i practiced and practiced i finally was like the best at drawing a rose actually i won how to draw the best rose contest i got all tens and other people got eights and sevens i was so happy and whoever made this website is awesome and i just wanna thank you for making me such a talented drawer thank you so much bye!!!!!!

  100. Thanks for the tutorial there instruct ! That was a excellent idea, and a great sketch!I just love seeing method and technique.. this is wonderful.

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