Elephant Drawing

Here's a little circus elephant drawing I doodled on one of my clients project sheets while I was on the phone earlier today. Sometimes the best characters come when you're not really trying or even paying attention. And sometimes not. :-)
cartoon elephant sketch drawing

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  1. hello, i came across your drawing of an elephant, i’d like to use it for my homepage on a personal website i just started. get back to me, thanx

  2. i happen to LOVE elephants.. and this is by far the cutest picture i could find. i was wondering if i could get a copy of just the elephant.. im looking for a picture for a tattoo.. and i would LOVE this one. email me if this is possible. thanks.

  3. I was looking for a picture of a circus elephant to paint on my wall with my circus animals and I was wondering if I’d be allowed to use it.

    Get back to me

  4. wow!!! that elephant drawing is gr8 i am doin sum art h/w now lol and i am going to draw a elephant thnks m8 its brill

  5. i love it. its cute, but its not exactly what im looking for. im looking for more of a life-like picture. but i do like it :)

    1. Hey Brad I need a character for an application. Really like your doodle elephant.
      It is a sort of commercial venture I am working on…
      I need to do a design to see if the client will go for the idea. Is that ok to use your elephant to see as a proposed character.Also if it goes ahead
      how much to use that image to base a character on it please?


  6. Love the elephant sketch. I was wondering if i would be able to use your sketch, with some changes, for a fundraiser logo thing?
    Cheers, katie

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