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  1. 2 is my favorite and then number 3. I like how both of those are disconnected from the regular image of a threatening skull. They are more goofy. They have more personality. The others feel like. “Yeah, I’ve seen it before. Skull are mean.” It’s been done. 2 and 3 remind me of the video game Grimfandango.

  2. I was just thinking… “why not put an add this cartoon to your blog” blurb with the code under ‘This Week’s Cartoon’ and allow folks to add the mini cartoon to their site as long as they keep the code linking your site in tact? Might increase traffic. Like a said, just a thought. Have a wonderful tomorrow!

  3. like 1 and 4 they look pretty badass and 2 and 3 look like they are in a funny book based on the grim reaper. Pretty sweer drawing all in all k33p up the good w0rK

  4. hey those are some great drawing i would really like to see if u could draw a skull with a rose going through it for me

  5. yo i love your simple yet very detailed artwork of skulls. i was planning on getting a pirate tattoo skull on my neck but wanted something OG yet different and special. if you have any more skull artworks, please show them to me. i just might have it on me permanently.

  6. Personally, i like the first one the best, then the second. hmmm…the fourth is kinda weird- were you trying to make a little bone mustache, there? lol.

  7. Thats great i do alot of drawing myself, me and my friend brittany always swich pic since were strong at diffrent things. ill tottaly show her these she will love it

  8. i like all of them but #1 i like the most and i do alot of different drawings myself those drawings are real good keep up the good work

  9. I LOVED these skulls.. especially 2.
    You woulden’t mind if i got a tattoo of it now, would you? :P

  10. wow i really love skulls, i’m actually obsessed with them… so these look good to me, i personally like #1 of the skulls because it looks soo kick ass

  11. Kool skulls! They look REALLY awsome. I don’t really like 4 though… kinda looks like a shrimp skull or maybe a guy whose mustache turned into bone… Either way your skulls look pretty kool!

  12. me like skulls.. i like that yours are on parper and not made on computer ;P.. please visit my website i have made som drawings myself hope you like them ..www.ironvortex.tk

  13. hi i just wanted to say i hope you dont mind but i used your skull drawings to teach myself how to draw my own

  14. I’m in the middle of starting my own line of t- shirts. The brand is leaning toward’s the ufc or other fighting if anyone would would like to submit some life like, skulls and or skeletons that would be cool loclrg@yahoo.com

  15. just wanted to make sure the artist knew shirts are being sold on ebay with this 4 skull design. item number I saw was 270282644828. It is an exact copy of the picture including the numbers.

  16. Dude i love those man that is so tight. I think you should go for an artistic career :) keep up ther good work @(o.O)@ i’m sure your entertaining looooooooots of people including me :) GOOD WORK!!!

  17. my wish draw very danger skull because im big bigger biggest fan of skull
    MAtif Ashraf
    only friend ship

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