15 Replies to “Cartoon Frog on a Bike Sketch…”

  1. Nice idea. I straight away thought of The Wind in the Willows when I saw this and Toads need for speed.

  2. I most especially like the way the buildings are leaning in the background. Subtle…but definitely gives the feeling of SPEED! Toads/frogs are cool.

  3. I also thought of Mr. Toad when I saw this ! Another wild ride ! I like how the buildings are tilted in the background.

  4. You are an absolute talent! Reminds me of one of my favorite books when I was a kid…”Frog and Toad.”

  5. Great. I think you did a great job with this one, it looks like he’s riding his bike really fast.

  6. Holy cannoli! This is awesome! The way the hat is flying off, the blur of the wheels, the flap of the tie all animate the still drawing. I don’t think it needs to be formally animated at all. Unless you really want to, of course. :)

    It made me think of “Frog and Toad” too. I loved that series.

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