Free Beer Mug Icons for the Buy Me a Beer Plugin

I found out from Chris G about a nifty WordPress plugin that puts a twist on a blog’s tip jar or donation link: The Buy Me a Beer Plugin.

The idea is that readers who find your blog posts useful and/or inspiring might want to send you a few bucks via PayPal as a tip. Enough to buy you a frosty cold beer. I thought it was a clever idea, especially since I love beer and it’s warming up outsi… no, pretty much just because I love beer….

To show my appreciation of the work Sherief Mursyidi put into the Buy Me a Beer Plugin, I’m offering a few versions of my beer mug cliparts for anyone to use freely with the plugin.

Just right click the images below and “save as” to download. Then rename the icons and drop them into the Buy Me a Beer plugin folder to override the old ones, then upload to your server. Enjoy!

Free Beer Mug Icon LargeFree Beer Mug Icon MediumFree Beer Mug Icon Small

11 Replies to “Free Beer Mug Icons for the Buy Me a Beer Plugin”

  1. What is the license on those icons? Can I use those icons for any purpose other than the “buy me a beer” plugin? To pinpoint pubs on Google maps, for instance?

  2. Man that so sweet. I think other people who appreciate beer and read your blog could appreciate the idea of buying you a beer for a good read.


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