Audit Your Computer Workstation!

If you’re anything like me and work way too many hours on the computer, you’ve no doubt experienced some kind of chronic pain as a result. I’m constantly adjusting my workspace trying to find that holy grail of perfect pain-free workstation symmetry.

Although my run with physical therapy helped me a great deal to get through some severe pain resulting from long-time neglect, I tend to find myself slipping back into bad habits without realizing it. Until the pain slowly creeps back in, of course. I recently stumbled upon a great little checklist and information page that has some excellent tips on the subject. I felt better within 10 minutes after making just a couple of minor adjustments.

It is often working overtime and the stress of deadline situations that force people to ignore and work through their pain and discomfort. It is very important that once you start to notice some pain or discomfort to be very careful.

Pain that goes away over night is usually a sign of fatigue, pain that is continuous and does not go away over night is more serious and should be attended to immediately… It is much easier to treat and recover from a pain episode the earlier you are treated. Ignoring pain can lead to serious injury.

Here’s the link… I was hoping that at the end of the page there would be a “submit’ button to click and it would take the information I entered via the check boxes and magically give me a personal assessment of what my problems specifically are. It’s simple to figure it out manually just by addressing all of your “No’s” but I like “easy” buttons. :-)

Computer Workstation Self-Audit Checklist

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  1. Thanks for the good tips. I’ll pass them on to my sis, she’s having a hard time with her wrist and neck…thanks

  2. My work is really good when it comes to getting us new desks and other things to help our working pains. I am at the computer all day, and we get about 1/2 each day beyond our regular breaks just for extra ‘computer breaks’. So, we can go for a walk, stretch, or choose to sit at the computer if we want. It also helps that it is unionized too.

    I think all companies should help employees to be pain free, inspite of the cost. I know a lot of people who work elsewhere where simple gel pads are not provided for wrists, and the chairs are falling apart. They eventually end up suing. Why not correct it now?

  3. well i hope you are well and just haven’t been blogging because you are terribly busy with an amazing project…

  4. Hey I love your work & your blog Brad! Great information! I totally feel your pain about working on a computer all day… Best, erik

  5. Rob, excellent points. Prevention is the best medicine. I hope more companies like yours are taking more of a proactive look at this growing epidemic.

    Chana, I have been pretty busy… thanks for noticing :)

    Erik, much appreciated! Looking forward to seeing your portfolio.

  6. When working in front of a computer, pursue an ergonomics posture – allow 2″ between the front edge of your chair and the back of your knees, keep your knees at a 90-120 degree angle, and think about buying an footrest which is angled to further increase your comfort.

  7. I too have become frustrated with the pains and strains that start to appear after daily computer use. Who knew computers could be so dangerous. Anyhow there are various ergonomic products available on the market that attempt to help you position yourself in the proper posture when sitting, typing, mousing and anything you do at the computer. Not all products really provide a benefit though so make sure you do your research first.

  8. I’ve spent some time in the ergonomics business and can tell you that the most popular ergonomic input device people usually start with is a mouse. It’s relatively inexpensive and provides the most bang for your buck. Right behind the ergonomic mouse is adjustable keyboard trays in terms of popularity. These allow you to adjust your keyboard and mouse into virtually any position.

  9. I’d say that ergonomic keyboards are in the top 3 most popular upgrades also. Almost everybody has at least seen an ergonomic keyboard and knows what it looks like. Not everyone has seen an ergonomic mouse or keyboard tray so getting the keyboard first is sometimes more common.

  10. I agree with Wendy and Alex, but there are so many input devices to choose from that it is easy to get confused. Do some research before buying a new keyboard or mouse and look up reviews and ratings from different sources, you’ll have a better chance that way of finding the right one for you the first time.

  11. i love ergonomic chairs because they are more relaxing compared to conventional chairs

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