Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station – Online Video!

When I was a kid I loved watching Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station on PBS. I remember looking forward to the show because his style and personality really resonated with me. I particularly loved the last segment of the show where he had this huge cartoon mural that he’d work on for about 10 minutes each week with a sharpie. Always creating new sections of funky worlds of spiral staircases inhabited by wacky creatures..

I was in Borders the other day checking out some drawing books and I was surprised to see that he’s got a few nice and thick drawing books that rock! As I was thumbing through them I was overcome by a wave of nostalgia. When I got home I looked him up on the web and found he’s got a pretty cool website too. If that wasn’t enough, he’s got an actual streaming video of one of his shows for free viewing! Awesome. It doesn’t look like he’s changed much over the years … other than replacing his drawing/space suit covered with pen & marker holders with some red suspenders. Same great personality though.

Draw Draw Draw Draw Draw Draw!

mark kistler

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  1. I remember watching “Imagination Station” on PBS back in the late ’80s. It was a totally awesome show – and I also loved his mural drawing – I remember drawing my own ‘secret cities’ on computer fanfold paper after being inspired by his tv show. Even better that he offers his lessons online for free!

  2. I am from Germany so I had no clue who Mark Kistler is. I enjoyed to watch the show though even if I am an adult. He told me that I am a little genius. Now that totally boosted my self-esteem.

  3. Thanks for the great comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the video streaming of my PBS series episode of the “Jiggling Jellyfish episode”. Here are 4 more FREE shows to enjoy! Keep drawing everyday, it’s good for your brain, heart, and creative soul!

  4. “draw, draw, draw” wow that show was amazing. I was watching one of the episodes that Mr. Kistler posted and I don’t remember the kind of “art-history” portion of the show…I’m studying Art History in college now, this show must have been one of my first experiences with art history…that’s just great

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