Black Sheep Character Designs.. Baaad to the Bone.

I’m currently working on a character design for a client that needs a “tough, but nice” black sheep character for his business mascot. I think these two guys are a good start in nailing down the attitude, but I think we might have to simplify him a bit by losing the clothes and possibly the halo. He’s a good guy, but not that good I guess. There’s also talk of bringing him back down to all fours so there’s no mistaking he’s a sheep.

sketch sheet of a black sheep character design. bad ass sheep drawings
sheep, character, drawing, character design, sketch

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now. I purchased a Wacom grahire3 4×5 the day after Xmas and ended up returning it. I definetely prefer paper/pencil/scanner. Seeing you draw with a mouse made me really mad! I figure the money I saved from getting a refund for the Wacom can go towards a dvd box set.

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