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  1. I stumbled upon this blog though a few googles, and I have to say, it is pretty cool!
    That advice is…..intresting…But the eyes senses and that is what you think is there ,and what you see,same thing, right? I am a bit to logical I suspose! 8P
    Anyway, I like your work, espesialy your cartoon dogs you drew, aparently a long time ago.
    I have sevral cartoon charicters nicely skeched, but awaiting better shadeing than simple gradent. 0.0

  2. If you’re training with pictures, to learn to draw what you see – rotate the reference, so it’s upside down. Amazing how different it looks, and it forces you to draw what you see, and not draw what you think you see. So – let’s say in a portrait – you’ll draw the actual shape of an eye, and not your own symbol for an eye.

    It’s really simple, but it works.

    When drawing digitally – whatever the subject might be – flip the image to see your own mistakes painfully perfect. With pencil sketches, use a mirror, if you’re in doubt.

    I don’t know if it works for everyone, but it certainly works for me :)
    It’s rather hard to draw what we see, until we learn to see it the right way. Like shapes, negative shapes and so on.

    1. Great points Anita, thanks for sharing. I particularly like the mirror technique… this simple exercise reveals a lot. I think of this as viewing it as others will see it.

  3. I think that is an excellent way to put it. Because mirrored, it reveals everything in a completely new way, and you’ll see things that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    I draw digitally myself (for most parts), and often flip the canvas, if I feel something is off, but still can’t put my finger on it. When flipped, I see it clearly.

  4. I learned this too. The best way I trained myself…is by drawing using light and shadow as a guide. The more I practiced drawing creases, say in a fabric, or clothing, the better I got.

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