3 Replies to “How to Draw a Pig”

  1. I like the format of this blog, I find it much easier to follow tutorials when they are set in video rather than in text!

    In the drawing itself, I love the way you’ve turned the pig into a character rather than just drawing a pig. He seems to have a real personality and his eyes make him seem slightly punchdrunk, great tutorial overall!

  2. how do u draw so good I suck – but at computers I am better (computer drawing), but I cant get that required imagination to draw so good and imagine. I tried to draw that pig and failed. I can’t even make something 3D yet; I just can’t imagine it.

    Nice drawings.

    I am however exceptionally talented at making cartoons and faces. I can really make cartoon faces, from ANY object in the world. I can give ANY object in the world an expression no one can forget.

    Not bragging; that’s my only good drawing skill. For example, I got bored and gave life to:
    A pumpkin
    The solar system (kind of)
    A heart (made it a fish with wings. I have amazing imagination, but as mentioned before, it fails when I try to do REAL 3D objects).
    A gun.
    A egg.
    A leaf.

    That’s just some. Nice drawings by the way!

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