How to Draw Cartoons

I get quite a few emails from aspiring artists and cartoonists looking for direction on how to either improve their drawing style or how to get started in the craft of cartooning.  I generally have one cartoon drawing instruction resource that I send them to because it’s the one that has helped me out the most.  The resource is all the books Christopher Hart has published. This guy is great for people looking to improve or learn how to draw cartoons no matter what style you’re interested in learning. Here is an example of a recent email correspondence I had with an aspiring cartoonist.

Hey Brad,
I sketch cartoons and do personalized portraits, babies and stuff like that. When it comes to cartoons there’s not much I can’t draw but, my creativity is weak. My brother is a comedian and we have decided to start making a cartoon comic strip for the local paper and see how it does. The jokes are great but, i need some helping with creating some characters for the story line. If you can assist me in this please let me know.

Thank you,

Here is my response with links to the books I recommended to him…

Hey Andrew, thanks for the note. The best direction I can point you in is to a guy named Christopher Hart and his great instruction books, here are some links….

This is the book I would start you with: "Drawing on the Funny Side of the Brain"

And here are the rest of his books, all are really great and helpful. –

Hope this helps!

Christopher Hart also has a website –

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