Freelance Client Relationships in Real Life, Everyday Situations – Funny Video!

This is great… with my stock illustration, I sometimes feel like the taco stand. I wouldn’t be surprised if some clients actually tried some of these in real life. I particularly liked the very last one where he asks the chef to show him how he did it so next time they can do it in house! That one’s a bit too close to home. Enjoy.

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  3. Um – there’s a reason this video is “hot”. I too have heard many of these – sometimes almost verbatim!!!

    My the worst/best one in this –

    “Can you show me how you came up with this so we can do this on our own?”

  4. im gonna bring a copy of this with me every time i have a meeting or i have to dicuss anything with a client MFs

  5. I loved the “show me how you did it, so we can do it inhouse” bit. I’m a freelance writer…you know, it’s just writing. Everybody does that. Anyone can do that. I should pay them….

    Thanks for the chuckle

  6. I’m torn between that being the funniest video I’ve seen in a very long time and it being the most disturbing, least funny video I’ve seen in a long time – it’s so accurate, it’s painful…

    Well Done!

  7. I just had a call with a potential client tell me that his budget was $0. So, I guess he wants the custom web app for free?

  8. Thanks Brad,

    As an independent business owner (freelancer) I deal with this in almost every potential contract situation. People want it all – they want the best – but they also want more than what they (say they) can afford. What they’re really doing is playing Russian Roulette because when they finally do find someone who says they’ll give them what they want for the price they demand – they wind up with orange hair, a blank DVD, or finally running out of restaurants they’re permitted to eat in.

    This just drives home the fact that wherever and whenever possible before you take on a job, always write a detailed contract and specific costs of everything “extra” that is not included. I learned that the hard way. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. I hear you brother… That’s why I’ve heard that clients who request unreasonable things are not worth having. Period.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment..

  9. Thank you for mailing this to me! I find myself in this boat all the time and I am getting so tired of hearing it from potential clients. For every time I hear this come out of someones mouth I will be emailing them this link to your blog just so they can watch it. Perhaps it will help if they see just how ridiculous they are. Kudos for finding it and passing it along.

  10. OUCH. I’m not laughing because these all are real-life situations. I work mostly with startup to midsize companies. They so often want us to “share the pain and the rewards.” For the first six years of business ownership, I did: reduced costs, took stock options, offered payment plans, etc. No more. Now? Fewer clients yet more profitable and better working relationships. Here’s to learning… and laughing!

  11. omg, I can’t believe it took me over a year to find this. too true, too funny, and super close to home. I am dealing with this BS from a huge company right now!

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