11 Replies to “William Shakespeare Cartoon Caricature”

  1. Funny, Shakespeare here reminds of Dick Dastardly. I love that character. And props to you Fitz (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to call you that. LOL) for the great work on this one. I also like the nod towards Shakespeare’s affinity for tragedies. :D

  2. Once again you make drawing look so easy. I followed on of your other tutorials and I still cannot come any where close you what you create….grrrrrrrrrrrrr lol Keep it up.

  3. Hi Brad
    I just want to say I love it! brilliant character design.. I am actually doing an independent documentary about the kinds of methods actors use to memorize their dialogue for roles.. this design would be awesome to use for the poster art with your permission.. “to be or not to be”

    Ciao Mickey

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