Illustration of a Big Dirty Chef Serving a Startled & Uneasy Customer.

Here’s last month illustration for NH Magazine’s Last Laugh column. Would you like “flies with that? Mwahaha.. This was a fun one to do. I like drawing big sloppy fat guys smoking cigars with buzzing flies serving food to unexpecting picky skinny dudes. It’s weird.

Cartoon Restaurant Illustration of a Dirty Cartoon Chef Somking a stubby cigar

4 Replies to “Illustration of a Big Dirty Chef Serving a Startled & Uneasy Customer.”

  1. Very nice Fitz, No need for words.

    I love the color and pop. That dotted circle backgound is cool too…any vector tut’s on how to mak one of those you know of?

    I think I remember a nice “how-Too” on your vector process using “Flash” but I can’t seem to find it…could you drop that link off again, here when you get the time?

    Still kinda struggling in Illustrator and want to make sure there is not an easier way for me in vectorland. Since switching to the Mac I can no longer use CorelDRAW.

    1. Hey Bernard… just keep plugging away my friend… we’ve all been there and I can honestly say that it’s 90% practice in getting the handle on creating vector art.

      As for the circular halftone pattern background…. I use a similar technique as this. Here are a few more ways to go about creating vector halftone patterns… Adobe illustrator actually has some nice halftone pattern preset brushes as well. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks! taking the time to help is very appreciated in these days of twitterings, blogs, how too’s and book reading.

        Much Appreciated,

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