Watch Me Draw Hitler…

Although like every other intelligent person on the planet I despise everything Adolf Hitler ever stood for. Subject aside, I think it turned out to be a nice caricature. Since it was such a simple design I thought I'd record the process of finalizing the art. Enjoy the process, not the subject.... Cheers.

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  1. Hi, newish reader. That’s a great design–I’d love to see him animated. (But not re-animated, if you know what I mean.) When I’ve done digital “inking” it’s been with Anchor points and the Pen tool in Photoshop. I should give Flash inking a try, I think.

    Thanks for sharing; I love your stuff.

  2. Wonderful! I love these little movies of yours. I could watch them all day. You’re magic!

    Thanks, again,


  3. Oh that?s pretty much like how I do stuff in flash. What I like about is: You do vector art in flash. People will always look strange at you when you tell them you use Flash for vector art. They will be like ?Hu? Flash? I use Freehand/Illustrator? and I am like ?vectors are vectors so it doesn?t matter which program you use?
    So yeh what I am trying so say: It?s always nice to see other people that also use Flash for vector art and not Illustrator like nearly everybody.

  4. I always love to look at your website/blog and I always like to get a peek into other peoples sctechbooks, etc. But that was very cool!! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  5. I use Flash for all my illustration. Thanks for all the great comments guys! Looks like I should get cranking on my next one.. :)

  6. wow. the application of that program was is a job well done. I, atrocious and haneous acts he comitted aside, love drawing Hitler. Turning him into a zombie makes me happy and the sense of dread i feel looking at him intrigues me. Cheers to you for sharing your art.

  7. Hrrrrr… This is a very nice F?hrer, indeed. Hrrr, not much fun in Stalingrad, hrrrrrr. Mor Lebensraum please

  8. fitz, only one of the guys in teh comments had an issue with the swatika. he just didn’t get it. the others arte making fun of him.

    here’s the translation:

    “one of eherensenf’s points is to fight against the picture of the ‘evil german’in the world. for example that of artist brad fitzpatrick. oooookay, he’s just showing his visitors how he illustrates drawings on his computer. and that is pretty interesting, like the rest of his homepage.”

    that’s it.


  9. That is an awesome looking program that you used. I am very curious as to what it is called. Can someone inform me on that, cause i would love to try it out!

  10. Amazing!!!!!!

    Is there anyway you could give me some pointers, or a little help, i use flash at uni and im crap at it!! i would like to know how to use a scanned imagie as an outline?? Thanks, Mark

  11. wow, i never knew someone could do something like that! it was amazing i wish i could draw as good as you! how do you get your inspiration? i can never think of something to draw from my mind! i wish i will be as good as you some day! please give me some tips and pointers! i think what you draw is really cool! you did a very good job on drawing Hitler i can’t draw people very well right now but i’m sure when i learn i will do well! thank you for sharing you art!

  12. Do you know Illustrator CS?… you can do that alot quicker… and get better results. I design/draw/paint in Illustrator, give it try…..

    Great drawing.


  13. I love how you incorporated his ear into his actual personality. Hitler was an awful person, but his body and face were like a little caricature, he is fun to draw. Another one you should draw is George Bush, equally insane, and funny looking too!

  14. i’m trying to learn to draw and i loved your demo. very interesting to see how you went about it. i would have tried to use the pen tool instead of drawing lines and then bending them. nice one!

  15. Hi I like this and also your rose drawing too. the Hitler subject just reminded me of something my brother found in his back garden. If anyone can help me find out exactly what it is it would be really helpful. I took pictures of it.

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