How to Draw a Car..

I’ve been playing aroung a bit more with creating drawing demos… here’s another video showing how to draw a car in Flash. This one is in swf (Flash) format, if you experience any issues please let me know in the comments area below. Thanks!

[flashvideo filename=video/how-to-draw-a-car-002.swf image=video/how-to-draw-a-car-002-TH.jpg /]

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  1. Nice process video. What did you use for the screen capture?

    I love flash, I don’t spend enough time with it. I am worried now that Adobe owns it, but what are you going to do? Oh well, thanks!

  2. I showed your how to draw a car and the lady. My co-workers loved it! The couldn’t believe that you did this with a mouse.

  3. Because the illustration tools in Flash are AMAZING… if you know how to use them. If I were doing more technical illustration then yeah, I’d need a more precise tool such as Adobe Illustrator. But Flash was built for me and my style. :)

  4. I think its absolutely facinating to watch you work. I look at your site every day for inspiration, and I love your cartoon characters. The way they are realy caricatured to a certain extent that they make me smile, The first time I ever seen your site I was astounded, in ore of the drawings, you have such talent beyond belief, I certainly aught to get a life a bit i suppose, but you have inspired me to draw more of my own stuff more, and start a little signature from my own drawings like you have with yours. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. I especialy love the animal’s you designed. They have such caracter, thats what I am realy struggling with, I tent to sit pulling faces at a mirror to try and get the expression i want my characers to have, but end up with no luck.But now I have seen the way you use little but perfectly in the right place expressions to the lips and eyes, that has given me a little help thank you.
    Your fan
    lolly. !:0)

  5. I like it alot! But if there is a person in it, it will be even

  6. I was looking through a Google search and ended up checkin gout your side. I am a cad drafter and I was totally impressed with how easy you make this look. I will show my son when I get home and I can already hear his thoughts. Thanks for the demo and nice job. The car is very impressive as for being representative of a era of cars but not taking a specific brand. Thanks again.

  7. True talent like this is really seldom. You are really a master of Flash. Every time I open Flash, I end up not getting anything done though. I guess I’m more of a FireWorks guy myself.

  8. That was amazing! I am an aspiring comic strip artist in Iowa…and I had no idea how well you could manipulate the paint program to do something so complicated. I may have to try that for my strip! Thank you so much for putting that online!

  9. really cool but i was interested in hand drawing not computer drawing…think bertone, pininfarina,gandini

  10. sure it was ok, but i don’t want to do it on a computer. how about showin’ it how to draw it on a piece of paper. please? thanks

  11. Oh…my…gosh!!! wut program did u use!! i have corel 12 but it doesnt do cool thigs like that!! i luv how u did all that!!
    ur awsome!

  12. I say it is cool i am 10, i love cars you now what would make it even better? I zone older people how to draw like real cars like Ferraris,dodge,lamborghini, corvetts,ect. If possible add it people would like it! (Maybe there is a place beacause i havent been evrewhere in your site this is the only place but im gonna go explore!) :D :) Dussault

  13. I liked the car I think its awesome and i would like to draw like you one day

  14. this is so cool!!!! what type of program are you on when you do that??? plaese email back!!!

  15. I know in Flash that if you alt-click and drag you get a duplicate. When making the wheels, you make a duplicate and resize withouth dragging (tire then hub cap). How did you do that? By the way, GREAT STUFF on your site!!

  16. you should put some voice and put more flash tutorials cause that one rocked

  17. I was sorta looking for how to draw it step by step and the colors on it did not match but it was cool from chelsey.

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  19. im in a webmastering class at my skool and we had to draw this on flash 8 doing exactly what u did…i learned alot kinda complex for me though…how do u do it…

  20. i think it is ok but not that good because ur using a pencil and u have to rub out quite alot so it just looks messy yer ur useing a computer so it just rubs it out automatically and it looks all smarts but if you do the math computers and reall life are different

  21. I really love to watch you draw! I would like to see more videos of you drawing! Keep up the good work

  22. First, I just enjoy watching the creative process. I am amazed at how quickly you work ( I guess you speed up the vid.) Such speed and yet much detail…fantastic.
    I have also watched your drawing, especially the cat.
    Thanks for making these videos available for all to watch and learn.

  23. WOW … I made it !

    (passed the mat test, for spam safety)

    thanks for sharing your experience with us, by all means.

    I find your tips very useful and cleverly displayed through a nice video.

    You are a good find !!

  24. AWESOME!!!!

    I’m teacher in Atlanta who took a beginner’s flash class this summer. The first day of class my instructor received the link to this “How To Illustration” and she showed it to us . . . the entire class was in total awe.

    We must have watched it about 5 times before we could start that day’s lesson.

    The drawing was down with such prescision, my goodness! How long have you been at it?

    Thanks for the show of excellence.

  25. It is amazing! You created this model so quickly (I see the time of clip)… What software do you use and what about take a lessons? What can you advise to read in Internet to become a Flash artist… I know that I could not create those masterpieces (yes your work is masterpiece for me) but I would like to create something like this… I need some car for my site…

  26. I thought the car animation was awesome! I really really liked it. But, the colors didn’t match bu everything except that was really good! Thanks for the animation! =D

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