How To Draw A Girl In Flash…

I get quite a few emails from people wanting to know what software I use to create my illustrations… most are surprised when I tell them I produce about 95% of my work directly in Flash. Below is a video demo of how I generally create my finished illustration. I start of with a scanned pencil sketch and trace over it in Flash using primarily the “line” and “selection” tools, along with the occasional pencil stroke. Enjoy!

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  1. Interesting to see. I also use Flash sometimes, but do you use extra layers to draw over your sketch? When I draw directly in Flash in an imported image, the lines vanish…I’m not a
    real Flash expert…but I wondered how you could draw In the sketch itself.Bye!

  2. VERY COOL! I always wondered how the process worked. Especially the highlighting.


  3. That is way too cool. Thanks for sharing. I don’t work digitally and I find it fascninating! Very clever.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’m finding a lot of illustrators use Flash lately. I’m interested to know why you chose Flash over other vector illustration programs. I love animating in Flash, but have always had difficulty drawing in it. Is it because it just what you know best? You are very talented…

  5. Great! Thanks for this video tutorial Brad. As one who uses Photoshop and Painter mostly it’s fun to see what other tools are available out there.

  6. Wow!! That is truly amazing. I sat here inches from my monitor watching the whole thing. I’m ok in photoshop, but still inept with illustration and have only played around in flash.
    Basically, I’m speechless. It was wonderful to see it, thanks for all the effort!! I’m still shaking my head going “wow”.

  7. I like animating in flash but i dont have too much talent drawing i would like if you give me some tips. Would you?

  8. Really very nice work. I got some tips from your drawing, especially lips, ear, glasses and shading. Waiting for some more tutorials.

  9. I really enjoyed the demo! It is very cool. To say the truth, i really don’t know there is such way of drawing over sketches! Can you teach me as i’m interested in learning to draw cartoon characters.

  10. I tried your technique but Iwhen I try to paint it nothing comes? I don’t know what the problem is, any help please?

  11. can you go more into detail on how u do your highlighting and getting rid of the extra lines…


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  13. Really good tutorial you explained your steps very well for beginners. I also started my illustrations in Flash to even though illustrator was an option i never really got into it as Flash had every vector manipulation i required

  14. “I tried your technique but Iwhen I try to paint it nothing comes? I don’t know what the problem is, any help please?”


    Check if all the lines are connected using the Subselection tool , “A” key

  15. thank you. i was just wondering how can i use the faucet tool…your tutorial helped :)

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