Male Pattern Baldness Cartoon

Male Pattern Baldness Cartoon, Hair Cartoon, Bald Cartoons, Balding

Cartoon Caption: Man looking into th mirror trying to convince himself of the positive benefits of experiencing male pattern baldness – “At least I have a nicely shaped head. A lot of Chicks dig bald men! The Rogain is starting to work! I’ll look great bald! Balding men look more sophisticated. I don’t care that I’m going bald. Bald is “IN” these days.” Sub caption: “Male Pattern Nonsense”

28 Replies to “Male Pattern Baldness Cartoon”

  1. funny, but does even a completely self-deluding bald man belive this? I know it is supposed to be a joke, just curious if there is a tiny-tiny grain of truth in it??

  2. very funny i laughed and laughed! it was a good picture too. i enjoyed this. but overall i enjoyed the words the most!

  3. Hello fritz my friend how are you doing……Last week was my birthday so i went to the beach to celebrate my birthday…..I’m 34 yrd old….

    1. Hey John, I’m not sure what the problem is with this cartoon print, I’ve sent out 2 prints to you now and they don’t seem to be getting to you for some reason… so I just issued you a refund. Sorry man!

  4. I wish you hadn’t done that, Brad. I don’t give a flip about the $12.95 – I really wanted the ‘toon. I can’t imagine what’s become of the prints you sent! Thanks, tho.

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