34 Replies to “Cartoon Koala Bear Sketch”

  1. OMG I love it! That is so my Koala tehe. How inspirational too. :)

  2. please show me how to draw like that!!! in email form of course but it would be so cool to be able to do that for an art project i’m doing now!!!
    The drawing was super cool!!! I bet if u tried u could sell it!

  3. great picture/sketches they are really good.
    you have an awesome skill. congrates!
    keep it up. keep drawing never leave your pencil alone
    they dont like the dark! :]
    haha best wishes.

  4. wow, Shut your face THAT’S ADORABLE!!!
    (that was my first reaction and not directed towards anyone here, it’s just too cute).

  5. heyy…that is a real cute koala but i can do better(not,i wish) i just wanna say for anyone who has a passion…it usually turns out that everyone will adore wat you do best soo dont hide your skills =)(= =)(=

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