Shark Sketch

UPDATE: By Popular demand, this cartoon shark character is now available for purchase and licensing at the following link: Clip Art Shark Vector Graphic

Here's a recent character drawing from the ol' sketch book. It's a concept sketch of a shark character for a client in need of a smiling shark mascot with lots of big sharp teeth. I think I was subconsciously influenced by DreamWorks' "Shark Tale" and Bruce from "Finding Nemo."

There were two versions... this one and another wearing sunglasses and a holding a tropical drink. The other one looked too soft and you couldn't see his eyes, but of course that's the one the client chose.

cartoon shark drawing character design

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  1. this site is awsome. im a cartoonist that injoys funny cartoon sketches that make scence and yours are very good.keep up the good work.

  2. hi, i have been looking for a picture that can be transcribed as a tattoo. the shark with sunglasses sounds just what i am looking for. is there any prospect of you posting it so i can see if it is what i want please?

  3. Hey this is tracy, I’m 15 and i’ve been working on a clothing line and i really really REALLY want to use this shark as my logo, if its okay with the creators i’d like to use it and I could give you some free clothes or watever man, my label is called ” INSANE! ” and I’m doing clothes for skaters, surfers, and insane people. I hope you let me know soon, i’ve flipped it horizontal and i made its outlines bolder and with neon colors i just need you guys permission cuz its not cool to jack some ones cool picture and call it mine. THANKS HOPE YOU WRITE BACK!

  4. If you don’t mind, a friend of mine needed a cartoon shark to put in her classroom (she’s a teacher and her class’ team is the sharks) and I found this on a google search and was heavily inspired by it. I’m not getting any money for the job or anything, just thought I’d run it by you since it’s your creation.

  5. I can’t tell you how much I just love this sketch. I am a fashion designer and would be honered if you gave me permission to use this illustration, just perfect for printing purposes, stationary, etc. I admire your work and proffessionalism and would not use this artwork unless I had your ok.
    Can’t wait to hear from you. Keep up the good work.

  6. This sketch is just what I need for a personal project I’m working on…are the resell rights for sale? Please contact me at your earliest convenience, thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. With your permission I was wondering if I could use that picture in my project for school. It would mean a lot, and thats an amazing drawing. Contact me as soon as you can. Thanks.

  8. I really like ur picture, I love sharks soo much and when I saw this I just lost it!! Ur a great artist!!! I was wondering, can u draw me a punker shark with a mohawk? Please, thank u!!!!

  9. May I use this picture for a school project of mine? This is perfect for our school and I would really appreciate an OK!!

  10. This sketch is just what I need for a personal project I’m working on…are the resell rights for sale? May I use it, with your permission? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

  11. May i use it with your permission for my hattrick team logo or what is the price for use it?. Sorry for my bad english

  12. hi there i found this picture on some website and compleatly fell inlove with it i didnt know it was yours i thought maby it was some clipart so i had it tattooed onto a sleave im having done on my left arm i hope this is ok with you lol bit late now i guess.. if you would like 2 see some pictures i would love 2 send them to you i love this shark so much he has so much character


  13. i am interested in buying the shark with sunglasses and tropical drink. how do i go about this please?

  14. My son and I came across your drawing of the shark, he just started the boy scouts and their patrol is the sharks. Can we use this image for their flag. It will not be used for profit in any way. It is a small patrol of 6-7 boys.

  15. I`m writing a comic strip. This website is PERFECT I repeat PERFECT for getting ideas on what to make.Thanks to whoever made this,you rock!!

  16. I kinda like it dude. I mean its not bad at all! It’s just that I went to this website to see a drawing of a perfect shark. Not that. Up there.

    a random person

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