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  2. I love the tree house! Of course, that might be because I’m also crazy about trees! I would like to live in a house like that some day too, or maybe just have one in my backyard to play in – reminds me of Piglet’s house from Winnie the Pooh!

  3. That is a really cool sketch, reminds me of the keebler elf tree. Have to agree with Chelle I have always been fascinated by tree houses, ever since I saw the movie Swiss family Robinson I’ve always wanted to live in a treehouse.

  4. i like this itz a good picture, but then there’s 2 many lines, and it kinda looks like 2 much stuff is going on, but…idk…that’s just me

  5. The drawing is very nice, as always. But what I really like about this picture is the idea. It’s not a little shack build up on the tree, but rather a tree that is a house. I love thing like that and, yes, I too would live in a house like this (maybe just a bit larger though).

  6. Looks like something out of fairy tale. Keebeler elfs or walt disney. I seen some great tree houses and even a place that is htel with tree houses you rent.

  7. This tree house is AMAZING!!! I wish that I had one like this!! If I could draw like that I’d be estatic!!! My friend Kodee, who’s a girl, says that she wants one too and that it’s freaking sweet!!

  8. My dream is to build a fantastic treehouse that I can literally live in. Thanks for your drawing……I like it and it inspires me again!

  9. wow!!what a lovely sketch…i am imagining how romantic to live in tree house like that,hmmmmmmmmm…i am starting to dream now…

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