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  2. I love the tree house! Of course, that might be because I’m also crazy about trees! I would like to live in a house like that some day too, or maybe just have one in my backyard to play in – reminds me of Piglet’s house from Winnie the Pooh!

  3. That is a really cool sketch, reminds me of the keebler elf tree. Have to agree with Chelle I have always been fascinated by tree houses, ever since I saw the movie Swiss family Robinson I’ve always wanted to live in a treehouse.

  4. Nice drawing. I would have always like a treehouse like this! I am used to the traditional one where the house is on top of the tree! This one looks like the Keebler one where they make all the cookies!

  5. i like this itz a good picture, but then there’s 2 many lines, and it kinda looks like 2 much stuff is going on, but…idk…that’s just me

  6. The drawing is very nice, as always. But what I really like about this picture is the idea. It’s not a little shack build up on the tree, but rather a tree that is a house. I love thing like that and, yes, I too would live in a house like this (maybe just a bit larger though).

  7. What Brad accomplishes with one colour line drawing, the rest of us could only dream of doing, even with an entire palette. Deceptively simple!

  8. Looks like something out of fairy tale. Keebeler elfs or walt disney. I seen some great tree houses and even a place that is htel with tree houses you rent.

  9. This tree house is AMAZING!!! I wish that I had one like this!! If I could draw like that I’d be estatic!!! My friend Kodee, who’s a girl, says that she wants one too and that it’s freaking sweet!!

  10. My dream is to build a fantastic treehouse that I can literally live in. Thanks for your drawing……I like it and it inspires me again!

  11. wow!!what a lovely sketch…i am imagining how romantic to live in tree house like that,hmmmmmmmmm…i am starting to dream now…

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