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Cartoon Carrot Mascot Clip Art!

Looking for a Cartoon Carrot Mascot? Well, you've come to the right place! My Carrot Character would make a great mascot for your special event, website, school, blog, or business.

He's currently available for royalty-free licensing in the poses listed on this page, which you can view and purchase individually by clicking on the thumbnail images below.

If you need this Cartoon Carrot Character with a prop or pose not found here, please feel free to contact me with your specific request so I can create it and add it to the collection!
Cartoon Carrots

Carrot Vector Pack Collection Clipart [UPDATE!] This Carrot character is now available in for puchase in a clipart value pack!

My vector clipart packs offer significant savings for you if you'd like to use the same mascot in different poses for multiple purposes throughout your projects.

This Carrot set contains all 10 images in in the various poses displayed below. Click here to view the Carrot Clipart Pack...

Cartoon Carrot Clipart - Cartoon Carrots - Carrot Mascot Clip Art Characters!

Please be sure to bookmark this page and check back often because I'll be constantly updating this category with more poses and illustrations of this Cartoon Carrot Mascot as they become available. Thanks!