Cartoon Bobcat Mascot Clipart Graphics

Cartoon Bobcat Mascot Clipart Graphics
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The cartoon Bobcat clip art illustration above will be delivered to your email address immediately after purchase!  You will receive the high-quality image files listed below as soon as your order is completed! (these image formats are industry standard and will suit all of your possible needs.)
File Formats Included in This Cartoon Bobcat Logo Mascot Purchase:
 - Vector EPS (fully scalable)
 - Hi-Res TIF - (300dpi - 7x8")
 - Lo-Res JPG - (72dpi - 4x5")
 - Lo-Res PNG - (72dpi - 4x5")

Image License:
Royalty Free

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A Cartoon Bobcat Picture. Royalty Free Bobcat Logo Mascot Cartoon Illustration! *Immediate Download!*
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Once your order is completed, you will be sent an automated email that contains a link to download the high-quality image files in each of the 4 formats listed below. These image sizes and formats are industry standard and will suit all of your possible needs.

File Formats Included in This Clip Art Pack Purchase:
  • EPS Vector - fully scalable - (What is a vector EPS file?)
  • TIFF - 300dpi - 7x8" (What is a TIFF file?)
  • JPEG - 72dpi - 7x8" (What is a JPEG file?)
  • PNG - 72dpi - 7x8" (What is a PNG file?)

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